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Caregiver Recruiting

Don’t let a lack of caregivers slow your growth.

At Strategic Healthcare Solutions, we offer comprehensive services to manage your online applicant pool, free up your team’s time, and keep a steady stream of qualified CNAs and HHAs coming in the door.


We do this by completely managing, screening, and scheduling your online applicant pool for you. With our system, your team can focus on meeting with the most qualified caregivers and getting them processed to start working faster.












How does it work?

Your team will have a constant stream of qualified applicants walking through the door.


It’s like having a new, expertly trained CNA recruiter

(that you don’t have to manage or pay).


  1. approve your online advertising

  2. give us your custom qualifications for CNAs, HHAs, or other caregivers

  3. give us your schedule for appointments

  4. meet with the best caregivers 



  1. respond to every applicant

  2. screen interested applicants on the phone

  3. find the caregivers that match your custom qualifications

  4. schedule them to meet with your team 

  5. call and text every candidate to confirm their appointment 

  6. monitor all of your metrics and results

  7. advise on best-practices & new strategies- based on our nationwide data 

You only pay for results! 

Flex Plans are based on the actual amount of successful interviews you receive each week and start as low as $175 per caregiver.

A successful interview means that they showed up and you liked them enough to move forward. We'll book you 3-4 times that many interviews to make sure you have plenty of traffic!

You're paying for results- not bookings.


It’s caregiver recruiting simplified.

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Need caregivers asap?

Call 877-394-770o to get started.

- Warren McCullough

VP of Marketing / Administrator

Concierge Care of Ocala/ The Villages

  "Strategic Healthcare Solutions has been a critical partner for us. We worked with their recruitment team to establish a goal for caregiver recruitment that was based on our demand for services in the marketplace. Our caregiver demand in the market we service is extremely competitive, perhaps one of the most competitive in Florida. I am pleased to say that Strategic Healthcare Solutions has exceeded our expectations and that means that we can grow our business to meet the demand."

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