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Staff Recruiting

Find the perfect fit for your growing team.

When our existing customers began to depend on us for every recruiting or job advertisement question, staff recruiting was the natural next step. 


After all, we’re the recruiting company with expert knowledge of the home health industry and the best customer service! We can now help with recruiting for LPNs, marketers, office managers, and more.


Whatever you need, we can help. Everything we do is completely customizable.


For one flat fee, we will manage your online job posting, screen every applicant, provide a scientifically validated test to find the best fit, and schedule the most qualified applicants to meet with you.




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How does it work?


  1. approve your online advertising

  2. give us your custom qualifications for LPNs, office managers, marketers, and more

  3. give us your schedule for appointments

  4. meet with the best candidates 



  1. respond to every applicant

  2. screen interested applicants on the phone and with a personality test

  3. find the candidates that match your custom qualifications

  4. schedule them to meet with your team 

  5. call and text every candidate to confirm their appointment 


Your team will have a constant stream of qualified applicants walking through the door.


It’s almost like having a new, expertly trained recruiter (that you don’t have to manage or pay).

We charge flat fees that start as low as $2,000 for a hired candidate.


It’s home health recruiting simplified.

We're here to simplify recruiting for private duty agencies. When you're ready to accelerate your growth and perfect your recruiting, give us a call and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss all your recruiting needs!

- Nancy Ralston

Managing Partner

Concierge Care 

  "I feel with the assistance of Strategic, our teams are able to recruit really good caregivers that allow us to grow at a much faster pace than we could have without someone dedicated to this process daily.   This has been a great example of effective outsourcing for best results and ROI." 

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