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How does it work?


When you work with Strategic Healthcare Solutions, all you need to do is meet with qualified candidates and choose who to bring onboard. 


On our plan, you never pay for interviews with people who don't show up.


Instead, you can choose a set monthly fee based on how many applicants you need processed or a flexible plan where you pay only for successful interviews. We will screen every applicant and schedule you as many qualified, interested applicants as you receive. 


This way, our goal is the same as your goal- great people joining your company.


We can work on an ongoing basis for caregiver recruiting or an as needed basis for staff recruiting.


We're here to serve your business and help you grow! 

"We are so happy with your company—we have doubled the number of caregivers hired since we started working with you—having your team place ads, screen and set up interviews has freed up my recruiters to focus on interviewing  and reference checking."

- Julie Black

President and Owner

Thrive at Home

Checking Blood Pressure


We are experts at finding the highest quality candidates you’ll be thrilled to have on your team.

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