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4 Key Metrics for CNA Recruiting

It's 2019 and the CNA recruiting market continues to grow more competitive every day.

Has your company turned away cases because of your inability to staff them?

That is the worst case scenario! At Strategic Healthcare Solutions, we want to help make sure you are always ready to staff every case that comes your way. When you master recruiting, you set the foundation for growth.

CNA and Senior Smiling

As you work to improve your recruiting results, there are several key metrics you should be tracking. Of course you should be tracking your incoming caregivers, turnover, and retention. But, there are a lot more metrics that go into CNA recruiting! Let's go over the metrics that cover the first part of your recruiting process, which is everything that comes before a successful interview.

The process from applications to successfully attended interviews is far more time-consuming and intricate than most business owners realize. If you can master or outsource this part of the process, your highly-paid, highly-trained staff can focus on the caregivers who have already proven themselves to be both qualified and interested.

Let's look at 4 of the most important metrics your recruiting team should be tracking! We're going to walk through these in the correct order to finish with your most important metric- cost per successful interview.

(note: we will be using terminology that may not apply to some businesses, such as nurse registries and other independent contractor models. The numbers apply to you even if the terms used do not)

1) Cost per Applicant

cost of job marketing / applicants = cost per applicant (CpA)

If you use an online job board like Indeed, you can check this cost per applicant number anytime. If your staff regularly monitor and analyze this number, you can continuously improve this metric! At Strategic Healthcare Solutions, one of the key parts of our service is helping you track and reduce your cost per applicant. We offer a number of strategies to get more applicants for less money.

2) How Many Applicants You Need to Get a Booked Interview

(number of applicants / number of interviews scheduled) = Applicants per Booking

This number is a reflection of two things. One, how many of your applicants are qualified and responsive. Two, how proactively your recruiting team is managing the applicant flow.

If this number is very high, that means it takes you a lot of candidates to get appointments booked. You may need to adjust your job advertising to attract higher quality applicants. However, it may also be due to an overwhelmed recruiting team. One of the best (and cheapest!) ways to compete for CNAs is to get them through the door as soon as possible. This starts with getting new applicants screened and scheduled as quickly as possible.

(Do you actually just need a bigger or better team in your office? We help with that, too.)

If your team is also managing the interviews, documentation, new hire paperwork, etc, they may not actually have the time and focus to manage this part of the process. That's why this part of the CNA recruiting process is our specialty!

3) How Many Bookings You Need for a Successful Interview

(number of scheduled interviews / number of attended interviews) = Bookings per Interview

A lot of business owners are already worried about this number! This is just another way of looking at your NC/NS rate. Is your recruiting team wasting time and effort on caregivers who don't bother to show up for their interviews? We already know the answer- YES.

So, how do you solve this problem? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to ensure caregivers show up for their appointments. Remember though that CNAs are usually looking to get working as quickly as possible. This requires a dedicated team processing applicants and getting them scheduled at their earliest convenience. You can also let us waste our time instead of your team's time!

4) Cost per Successful Interview

CpA * ( Applicants per Booking) * (Bookings Per Interview) = Cost per Attended Interview

This metric is the key! This allows you to analyze your costs and success long term. If you're not tracking this, you could be throwing money down the drain. It's possible your recruiting process is broken and you don't even know it! It's also possible your recruiting team is too overwhelmed with different responsibilities to successfully manage your applicant flow. And, unfortunately, getting caregivers in the door requires a lot of time wasted on screening and scheduling caregivers who aren't qualified or don't show up.

(psst- that's why we're here. Waste our time instead. Save money and make your staff happy!)

If you're trying to grow, you need this part of the process to run like clockwork. That's why we're here to help! Book a consultation with us today to go over your recruiting strategy and find out where you're wasting time and money.

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